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OCEANMAN FRANCHISE Is the First and Biggest open water swimming franchise in the world. It provides both professional and amateur swimmers the opportunity to achieve their personal goals in unique locations. It has 24 races in 17 different countries around the world: Malaysia, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Dubai, France, Colombia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Thailand & Cyprus. Each race will qualify the swimmers get qualified to take part of the Final World Championship event at the end of each year


Oceanman Somabay Final World Championship, December 2021 • For the First time in Africa, Oceanman Final World championship took place in Egypt having around 1300 swimmers from 42 different countries, with a total of 2500 attendees.


 • It was a huge success and a big hit for Open water swimming in Egypt, since the maximum number of open water swimmers that has ever taken place in one event is around 600 athletes. 


• Boost has been working on this project with the ministry of youth and sports and the ministry of tourism to promote sports tourism and we got amazing feedback from the authorities

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